Exposição na
M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milão

Curado por Carlo Greco and Alessandra Magni

Puzzle, a patience game that consists in recomposing in mosaic the fragments of various shapes into which an image has been divided.  Portuguese artist Angela Miranda Penedo creates her personal puzzle for us. But it is more than a simple set of pieces, it is a set of pieces of history, life and stories, united by a single abstract line.

Angela spread out her life: through her painting, animated by her travels dedicated to social assistance emerge, she tells us about children, young people and adults in conditions of poverty, she tells us about situations of risk and precariousness, she tells us about a different life. In her great work we imagine her humanitarian travels between Peru, Brazil, Nepal, Greece and Portugal and from the canvas we perceive what she experienced firsthand.

She expresses her great desire to travel and discover the world, from the Peruvian orphanages where he volunteered with young people and adolescents in the field of theater and psychology, to Brazil, in an institute on top of a mountain surrounded by a jungle, to Nepal where he rebuilt a village destroyed by the earthquake with other Portuguese volunteers, finally to Greece to save refugees from the sea.

She paints what she has experienced and seen, she transports her emotions on the canvas to convey emotions, strong emotions. Pieces of puzzles, pieces of life and stories lived and told to us. The great Imaginarium’s puzzle is full of colors, emotions, strength and positivity, it is a transposition of emotions on the canvas.

In Angela’s abstract expressionism we have many influences in which it is possible to find shapes and designs, we have an absolute originality that comes from the artist’s personal creation of colors. Colors are created and mixed by her to obtain vibrant effects of light, combinations and contrasts. We can immerse ourselves in the great work and feel part of a silent and ecstatic universe, we identify ourselves in a puzzle piece, feeling part of something greater that surrounds us, we feel united by the pieces close to us.

Art Curator Giulia Fontanesi